University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire has expanded rapidly in the last few years and now has approximately 25,000 students on two main campuses, in Luton and in Bedford.

The Department of Computer Science and Technology is one of the largest departments in the University and regularly enrols over 500 postgraduate students a year across several. Masters courses. The Department also offers a range of undergraduate courses and has strong formal links with numerous universities around the world for teaching and research purposes.

The Centre for Computer Graphics and Visualisation (CCGV) has 3 professors and 10 postdoctoral research fellows. It has a long history of involvement in international projects, in which it has specialised in developing visualisation and modelling solutions to real-world problems. CCGV has been particularly active in the area of medical applications and has been involved in over 10 projects within the 7th Framework Programme. These include the successful ContraCancrum, MyHealthAvatar projects in which CCGV worked closely with a number of partners in the CHIC consortium.

Within WP9, Bedfordshire University will be responsible for coordinating the work across the wide range of visualisation and image processing tasks.

  1. To provide a set of visualization tools for model and data analysis.
  2. To provide a set of image analysis tools for image data processing.
  3. To provide tools for assessing the tumor changes from functional tomographic data.

BED also has significant roles in WP5: IT Architecture and WP7: Hypermodelling Infrastructure.

Team members

Photo of Prof. Feng Dong Prof. Feng Dong
University of Bedfordshire
WP9 Leader
Tel: +44 1582 743940
Photo of Prof. Gordon Clapworthy Prof. Gordon Clapworthy
University of Bedfordshire
WP9 Deputy Leader
Tel: +44 1582 743496