CINECA is the largest Italian supercomputing centre with an HPC environment equipped with cutting-edge technology and highly-qualified personnel which cooperates with researchers in the use of the HPC infrastructure, in both the academic and industrial fields.

CINECA’s mission is to enable researchers to use HPC systems in a profitable way, exploiting the newest technology advances in HPC.

The current CINECA HPC infrastructure provides:

  • FERMI: IBM BlueGene/Q, (10 Frames, 163840 cores with 1GB RAM per core and a peak performance of 2 PFlop/s), ranked No 37 in the Top500 list (November 2015).
  • GALILEO: hybrid Linux cluster (8384 cores Intel Haswell with 67 TBytes RAM and 768 Intel Xeon Phi 7120P accelerators, with a peak performance of 1.1 PFlops, ranked No 130 in the Top500 list (November 2015).
  • PICO: the High Performance Data Analytics Linux Cluster (80 nodes Intel NeXtScale) integrated with a multi tier storage system configured with 50 TBytes of SSD memory, 5 PBytes of High IOPS storage and tens of PBytes of long term archiving library.

The CINECA data centre is equipped to provide business continuity technology. A virtual theatre, where viewers can make a semi-immersive virtual reality experience, completes the entire infrastructure. CINECA also represents Italy in PRACE and is one of the four PRACE Tier-0 Hosting Centers.

The Supercomputing, Application and Innovation (SCAI) department in CINECA has a long experience in cooperating with the researchers in parallelising, enabling and scaling up their applications in different computational disciplines, covering condensed matter physics, astrophysics, geophysics, chemistry, earth sciences, engineering, mathematics and bioinformatics, but also “non-traditional” ones, such as biomedicine, archaeology and data analytics. CINECA has a wide experience in providing education and training in the different fields of parallel computing and computational sciences.

In CHIC, CINECA contributes to the development of the hypermodel execution technology relying and coordinates the dissemination and exploitation activities.

Team members

Photo of Dr Giovanni Erbacci Dr Giovanni Erbacci
WP12 Leader
Tel: +39 051 6171475
Fax: +39 051 6132198
Photo of Dr Debora Testi Dr Debora Testi
WP12 Deputy Leader
Tel: +39 051 6171936
Photo of Dr Simone Bnà Dr Simone Bnà
Team Leader
Tel: +39 051 6171938