Leibniz Universität Hannover

CHIC will be set into the organizational framework of the Institute for Legal Informatics and the Learning Lab Lower Saxony (L3S).

The Institute for Legal Informatics (IRI) at LUH is the oldest establishment dedicated to scientific research on legal problems of Information and Communication Technologies nationwide. IRI undertakes research and education activities in information technology law covering the full spectrum of the discipline. Research topics covered have included data protection law, health law, international data traffic and medical data protection law. IRI has been instrumental in the creation of an innovative Data Protection Framework for ACGT (FP6-IST-026996) that enables researchers to share their data while simultaneously protecting the privacy of the data subjects. Besides CHIC, LUH is currently participating in 10 European FP7-projects including CONTRACT (as coordinator) and p-medicine.

LUH will provide its legal and ethical expertise and experience in the fields of data protection and ethics. As leader of WP4, its major tasks in CHIC include the design of the CHIC Legal Framework and intellectual property framework as well as the development of a Data Governance and Business Model.

Team members

Photo of  Nikolaus Forgó Nikolaus Forgó
Leibniz Universität Hannover
WP4 Leader
Tel: +49 511 762 8159
Photo of  Iheanyi Sam Nwankwo Iheanyi Sam Nwankwo
Leibniz Universität Hannover
WP4 Deputy Leader
Tel: +49 511 762 8242