University of Bern

The Institute of Surgical Technology and Biomechanics at the University of Bern is one of the pioneers and world leading centres in the field of computer-assisted surgery and a reference site for research on spinal biomechanics.

UBERN will be responsible for the simulation of cancer biomechanics, including macroscopic level simulation of the tumor, the biomechanical environment and its impact on tumor growth. We will also contribute to tumor imaging and visualization, developing advanced methods for image fusion, segmentation and automatic analysis. Contribution to data repository and IT infrastructure providing web-based access and related tools for basic data visualization, remote database queries and image processing.

Team members

Photo of  Philippe Büchler Philippe Büchler
University of Bern
Team Leader
Tel: +31 631 5947
Photo of  Mauricio Reyes Mauricio Reyes
University of Bern
Deputy Team Leader
Tel: +31 631 5950