• A brief overview of the completed CHIC project

    In silico medicine (ISM), an emergent scientific and technological domain based on clinically driven and clinically oriented multiscale biomodelling, appears to be the latest trend regarding the translation of mathematical and computational biological science to clinical practice through massive exploitation of information technology. In silico (i.e. on the computer) experimentation for each…

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  • What has been achieved by CHIC?

    The novelty created by the large scale transatlantic CHIC project has been impressive and multifaceted. It refers to a host of aspects of fundamental (basic) science, biomedical technology and future clinical medicine related to the quantitative understanding of cancer and the patient individualized treatment optimization of the disease. An exemplary key novel characteristic of CHIC has been the…

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  • CHIC online survey on hypermodels

    CHIC is running a survey, where patients, physicians and citizens can learn about hypermodels and can give their opinion about the usefulness of such models. Your feedback will help us to optimize our research results. Please click here to open the survey! Thanks in advance for your contribution!

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  • CHIC meets up for final spurt

    As the project is slowly moving towards its end, the CHIC consortium meets up for a last progress meeting in Saarbrücken, on August 31st - September 2nd 2016. The CHIC members will use this occasion to make sure all tasks will be successfully completed by the anticipated end of the project in March 2017. All developed hypermodels will be presented and suggestions for refinement discussed within…

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  • 3rd annual CHIC newsletter

    On top of the bi-monthly newsletters, which provide you with the most recent updates about the project, the CHIC partners have now published the 3rd of a series of annual newsletters, available for download here. The third issue of this annual newsletter provides an article about the clinical relevance of the CHIC project written by Prof. Georgios Stamatakos, Coordinator of the CHIC consortium.…

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  • 6th Progress Meeting held in Bern

    Close to its third anniversary, the CHIC project held its 6th Progress Meeting in Bern, Switzerland on March 21-23, 2016 hosted by CHIC partner University of Bern. The main focus of the meeting was the actual status of the project activities, the current developments of various CHIC tools and services as well as discussions about the recommendations that the CHIC consortium received from the…

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  • International Conference and Exhibition on Pediatric Oncology to be organised by CHIC partners

    CHIC partners Dr. Georgios Stamatakos and Dr. Norbert Graf are members of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference and Exhibition on Pediatric Oncology. The conference will be in August 11th – 13th, 2016 and is to be held in Toronto, Canada. This year’s conference is expected to attract over 250 international participants and offers an excellent opportunity to get and keep in…

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