CHIC consists of several innovative and interrelated components that will be integrated to form the CHIC environment. The R&D work will be continuously influenced by the interaction between the research and verification components of the project. CHIC will actively seek to re‐adjust its research activities and objectives based on evidence as a result of a quality assurance process. In more detail, the major project component clusters are the following:

  1. User requirement Analysis and Specifications. As a prior condition for the development within the CHIC framework this component will identify and assess the user needs, the state of the art, key technological opportunities and issues of trust and security. The initial output of this work package will cover all major research and development topics of the project. CHIC will be driven by clinicians. It will fully take into account ethical and legal constraints. This project component cluster is further divided into the following two workpackages (WPs) (WP2): User Needs and requirementsa and WP4: legal and ethical framework.
  2. Clinical trials/studies and Cancer Models. This component includes the activities related to the driving clinical trials and the cancer (hyper-) models to be developed as trial simulators. The workpackages involved are WP3 (Clinical and Translational Science Scenarios), WP6 (Modelling and Hypermodelling Design) and WP11 (Clinical Adaptation and Validation). Clinical trials/studies will drive cancer (hyper-)modelling who in turn will drive the development and testing of the hypermodelling infrastructure.
  3. The CHIC Technologies and Services. The aim of this project component cluster is to provide the necessary technology to support the project vision and objectives. This component will be continuously fed by the user requirements and evaluated with the objective of identifying additional generic tools and services to be developed as part of the CHIC technological framework. This project component cluster is made up of the following workpackages: WP5 (IT Architecture), WP7 (Hypermodelling Infrastructure), WP8 (Model and Data Repositories), WP9 (Image Processing and Visualization) and WP10 (Integrated Platform).
  4. Trust and security. The aim of this component cluster is to provide the required trust and security infrastructure for the CHIC services. This component is responsible for specifying and implementing the overall trust and security infrastructure, and for integrating it into the CHIC framework. The activity will be undertaken by WP4 (Legal and ethical framework) and WP5 (IT Architecture).
  5. Horizontal Activities. These span the lifetime of the project and provide support to all other project components. They include specifically activities in WP1 (Project management) and WP12 (Exploitation and Dissemination). The Project management workpackage will provide the effective and professional management and services required, so that all other project components run unobstructed for delivering their objectives and hence making sure that CHIC as a whole does meet its stated objectives. The work breakdown is based on the envisioned research activities covering the aspects of the project from management through to dissemination and exploitation of the results. Each work package carries out a set of coherent, related and manageable tasks to achieve the objectives of CHIC. The project components are presented and discussed in more detail in the following sections.